How to open a double bay hotel

double bay hotel

Opening a double bay hotel requires many skills. Such a project requires information, understanding but also to put in place a perfect organization so as not to skip a step. Let’s discover the different phases of the opening of a hotel.

Step # 1: First of all, study your market in depth

There are double bay hotel for all tastes and all socio-economic profiles: guesthouses, youth hostels, business hotels, budget hotels, etc. In order to maintain a clear positioning for the client, you will have to choose from an existing concept, or innovate entirely. This choice varies according to your tastes and wishes. Keep in mind that creating a hotel requires a daily personal investment, which is why it is often necessary to have patience and tenacity to achieve it. However, the hotel profile chosen must also correspond to a real demand expressed by the customers. What is its profile in your catchment area? What are his expectations? Study it carefully to define its tastes but also its average budget.

double bay hotel

Step # 2: Choose to open as a freelance or franchisee

The two formulas each have their advantages and disadvantages. If your hotel is located in a rural area with little traffic, or if you opt for an original concept, opening an independent double bay hotel can be effective. The freedom of choice and expression of your desires will be greater, compared to a chain. At the same time, you will deprive yourself of the advantages of a brand that already has an established reputation and of operational (and even sometimes financial) support provided by the Group. This image power can ensure a high occupancy rate of the establishment. It can also hold back the banks to obtain financing on the best conditions. The other side of the coin is as follows: you agree to donate part of your income and your autonomy to the Group.

double bay hotel

Step # 3: Choose the location of your double bay hotel

The address of your double bay hotel depends on the category previously chosen. However, keep in mind a few rules suitable for any type of hotel establishment:

  • The proximity to activity centers is an asset not to be overlooked (stations, airports, business districts, tourist monuments, etc.)
  • Check the proper servicing of your hotel via public transport
  • The tranquility of the premises and, failing that, the sound insulation, to guarantee a quality customer experience
  • If you are targeting a foreign clientele, get closer to tourist places or monuments
  • Do not neglect the security around your establishment, so as not to damage its reputation.

Step # 4: Create careful communication to publicize your project!

The double bay hotel sector suffers from stiff competition which is why communication occupies a major place to convince all your prospects. It must be at the heart of your strategy, even before the opening of your establishment. It is therefore essential to develop a website reflecting a dynamic and warm image. Some essentials to show on your site:

  • Pictures of your rooms, put in their best light and ideally arranged
  • Your differentiating assets, such as a gym equipped with the latest equipment, or a modern swimming pool
  • An online reservation page, with centralized and secure payment.

tep # 5: Perform all the administrative procedures!

Opening a double bay hotel requires undertaking specific, and sometimes cumbersome, administrative procedures. Indeed, it brings together several activities, and each must comply with specific standards. The rules of hygiene, security or even accessibility must be carefully studied so that your hotel complies with legal standards. It is necessary to inform the prefecture in advance of your planned opening date.

In some departments, a health declaration must also be attached. If you plan to sell alcoholic beverages in your hotel, we invite you to take note of the various licenses to obtain to market this type of product. As soon as these procedures are finalized, you will be able to register it with the Trade and Companies Register (RCS).