Bicycle shop : how to choose the current model and not overpay.

bicycle shop

Usually in June at the demand for bicycles rises sharply. bicycle shop Site note that this month, compared to last year, the attendance of the section broke its record – ads are viewed 1.5 times more often. 

Most often, users choose mountain bikes and almost one and a half times less often – road bikes. Interest in electric and folding bicycles is still small, but the number of proposals on the market is growing. Today in the section 3416 ads are published, of which 1817 are available in bicycle shop.

Most often, the site is looking for new bikes in bicycle shop. Only 15% choose the “used” filter when choosing, and there are 584 such offers in the section.

The most popular models of bycycle

According to the bicycle shop website, over the past years, mountain, road and electric models have attracted the most interest in the section with bicycles.

For the third year in a row, mountain bikes remain the most popular among Vladivostok residents. This is a universal option, which is suitable for both urban roads and off-road. It’s convenient to climb into the hill and adjust the speed on the descent, there are shock that soften the trip through the pits. Cons mountain bikes in general – large size and weight.

You can buy a mountain bike in bicycle shop for 12-17 thousand rubles, but at the same time, the price tag for some models reaches 160 thousand. There is something to choose from – in section 1106 offers for sale.

bicycle shop

In second place in popularity among citizens – road bikes , they are urban. Such models are designed for smooth paved roads. Comfortable fit, soft seat, factory wings, trunk or basket, footrest, chain protection, headlights, horn – all this about them. All are available at bicycle shop These models weigh less, develop speed faster and cost less.

On average, a city bike can be bought for 10-13 thousand rubles, but there are offers from a thousand.

Electric motorbikes were especially popular at bicycle shop in 2020. Now, in terms of the degree of interest of site users, they are in third place. Perhaps this is due to the impressive cost, the large weight of the bike and the need to wait until the model is brought to order, because most often they are not available. The most widespread brands in Vladivostok are Xiaomi , Eltreco , Yamaha .

The electric motor facilitates movement or completely relieves effort when traveling, but the battery has to be recharged periodically. The more powerful the bike, the higher its maximum speed, throughput, load capacity and price. The cost of electric bicycles on the website starts from 15 thousand and exceeds 350 thousand rubles. The average cost is 35-50 thousand rubles.

In addition to the classic models, the site has glowing ones , choppers , bicycles with a gasoline engine costing from 40 thousand rubles and even a snowmobile bike for 23 thousand. They are looking for Japanese bicycles a little less actively than last year, but interest in teenage models is growing, and they have begun to look for children’s bicycle seats more often .

80% of the bicycles that are available in Vladivostok cost around 20 thousand rubles, half of which are up to 12 thousand. Options at a price of up to 5 thousand rubles – used or completely shabby for children.

bicycle shop

How to choose a bike according to an advertisement on bicycle shop

We already wrote how bikes of different types differ . Having determined the type that suits the request, on bicycle shop is easy to set up a search by filters: type, height, brand, price, wheel size, frame material, condition – new or used and availability in Vladivostok. Using the map you can see the location.

In the tab with additional filters, you can select only those ads that contain photos. This step will save time, although you can always ask for additional photos in the comments.

Many people choose a bike of famous brands after studying reviews on the Internet. Among bicycle shop users, about 40% do this. From the beginning of June, the following brands were searched in the section (in descending order): 

When choosing a bike for an ad, the availability of documents is of great importance: a manual and a receipt from the store. Using them, you can determine the authenticity of the model, its characteristics, and also whether there is a guarantee, because it usually lasts five years or longer.

Important and detailed description. For ads on the sale of bicycles will be a plus if you specify not only the brand, model, year of manufacture and size, but also specific names of spare parts. 

The price of used bicycles is usually 30% lower than new ones. Therefore, before buying, you should know in advance the price for a new bike of the selected model. During a personal inspection of the goods, you can identify flaws and get a discount, so you should carefully consider this procedure.

Many people recommend buying a used bike only under a sale and purchase agreement and before making a deal, be sure to check it for theft on special sites.