How to choose a cabin to rent on vacation?


Families who want a quiet trip with a lot of natural contact, can choose to stay in another alternative beyond the hotel and hostels. In this opportunity, I invite you to know some tips for vacationing in cabins. Take note of this list of tips to know how to choose a cabin to rent on vacation. In this blog post, The Retreat Port Stephens will tell you on how to choose a cabin for your family vacation.

The ubication

This is the first thing that must be decided, since based on it there will be more or less options of cabins available. In almost all the countries you can visit distant towns from the cities, wonderful country houses for a dream trip.

Know what services are offered in that locality, if it is necessary to have a car to buy food and other items, where the center or a large city is located, etc.

Take into account that in some areas it is more difficult to reach the cabins and, at night time they are less accessible. And also consider that if you have children there may be a problem with their entertainment during the day or evening.

It is best if you can find information on what types of lodgings exist before arriving at your destination so you know how much money to withdraw as well as where to go when taking public transportation. In this way, you won’t end up running around trying different options which could mean missing one or two good opportunities because they fit better than anything else found elsewhere.


Type of cabins

There are many options for holiday cabins and you should be able to select the one that best matches your vacation goals. The family cabins, with a complex that offers a swimming pool, children’s games, entertainment, etcetera; and the most “austere”, where there is only one home for a family, almost always with a landlord in the vicinity. The most common types of cabins for rent are two:

  • Houses: typical in rural areas, with traditional architecture, tile roof, two-story.
  • Bungalows: they can be smaller or not, but above all, they are more modern, they are close to lakes, rivers or beaches, they have a single floor where everything you need is available.

Here at The Retreat Port Stephens we have a wide range of accommodation in Port Stephens to suit all budgets and tastes. With good attractions and facilities, we will give you the best of your holiday.

The cabins can be rented for a week or more and they are equipped with everything to make it feel like at home: sheets, blankets, cutlery, kitchen utensils.

accommodation in Port Stephens

Cabin size

Everything will rely on the number of individuals staying within the cabin. Many choose to travel with another family to share the expenses, and that has advantages and disadvantages. It must have at least two bathrooms and separate bedrooms in those cases. If it is a single family or a couple, there is no problem in being a loft.

The comforts are also diverse, being able to find bungalows with all the luxuries and others that offer some interesting details such as a wood stove, view of a dock, balcony towards the mountain. It is essential to know which services you have and which are additional.

There are modern cabins available from two people upwards accommodating up to sixteen guests at any time. All have en-suite bathrooms, open-plan living areas with televisions and cooking facilities which can be used by our guests 24 hours per day if desired – all included in the nightly rate! Bed linens and towels provided for all stays. To learn more about our cabins, call today!

Holidays with pets

One of the reasons why a family decides to sleep in a cabin is because they have the possibility of taking their dog or cat with them, something that is not allowed in the vast majority of hotels. Of course, you should check if this is possible before reserving the place.

cabins accommodation in Port Stephens

Cabins accommodation in Port Stephens can provide the perfect holiday for you, your partner and dogs or cats too! We have plenty of pet-friendly cabins to choose from so there is no excuse not to get away this year. It’s never been easier or cheaper than it is now – just take a look at on our pet policies to get informed!

Tours and Attractions for your family

Many tourists book on cabins accommodation for a holiday in Port Stephens because the area has so many attractions.

You can explore nature at its finest by visiting our tour and attractions page to find out more. With plenty to do, there’s no reason why you should stay in your resort or cabin all day! This is what makes it such an attractive place to go when looking for family holidays.

Accommodation Port Stephens

Let us know if you need any help finding accommodations during your next vacation with The Retreat Port Stephens as we are always happy to assist our guests with their needs.”

In conclusion, depending on who has travelled with us before can help determine which type of accommodation suits our needs best. In most cases, if you have children so holidays at home (or close to home) are more preferable than any other place.

Are you planning a family vacation? Would you like to rent a cabin on vacation?

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