6 Questions to ask when choosing moving company

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If you have a company and consider that it is time to move, either because your work team has grown or because you want a change in another sector of the city, it is important that you do not let stress or the desire to do everything quickly lead you to make a bad decision.

Moving could be a significant step that should not be taken lightly and requires a multi-step process. For this reason, the best option is to let a moving company with trained personnel take care of the transfer of your belongings and thus avoid inconveniences in the move.

Finding a professional moving company requires some prior research and, although it takes more time, the reward of choosing the right one is worth it. Ideally, you should quote a minimum of three different companies to make comparisons and thus choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

Read on to discover the 6 questions to ask before hiring a moving company in Newcastle.

1. How many years of experience does the moving company have?

As an entrepreneur, he knows that experience weighs and a long history is a clear reflection of the commitment and ability of a company to deliver good results. Make sure to research how long they have been in the industry and if they have any added value

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The safest thing is that if the company has been operating for several years, they already have the ability to handle all kinds of situations and the tools or processes to manage it. An experienced moving company has the knowledge to answer all your questions like:

  • What size truck do I need to move my things?
  • How long does the move take?
  • How many people are needed for the job?
  • What kind of implements do you use to protect my delicate objects?

2. Is the company legally incorporated?

There is a saying that it is better to be safe than sorry and it is very relevant to this point. It may seem like a good idea to hire an informal moving company to save money, but most likely they do not have trained personnel or the right tools to handle the objects in your office.

This option may seem tempting, but it is a high risk at the end of the day. The best thing is to hire the moving services of a legally constituted moving company that can guarantee quality in its products and / or services and support against any inconvenience, in addition to helping the country’s growth, complying with its legal obligations.

moving company in Newcastle

3. What services are included in the final price?

As in any other contract, it is essential that you have all the information present and that you read the fine print. The idea is to be well advised of everything that the service package you are buying includes, since there may be additional costs according to the loading and unloading conditions.

Some variables may include the use of stairs, proximity to the loading or unloading area and travel, disconnection of furniture and assembly of furniture, special elements, among others. These variables influence the cost of the service, since they require more trained personnel, greater risk or a greater number of personnel for the job.

Tip: Be sure to also discuss fees and insurance coverage option, in case your belongings are damaged, lost or broken while you are under the responsibility of the mover.

4. Does the company offer personalized advice?

As we mentioned before, a move is a process that involves several steps that, in many cases, we do not know in detail. This is when the professional advice that a moving company can provide you to answer all your concerns and make you feel more secure throughout the process becomes valuable.

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For example: In RBR Moving we offer the option of a face-to-face consultation and quotation, in this way we can define the size of the truck you need, the loading conditions and the type of objects that are going to be transferred to guarantee their correct handling.

5. Do you have the right staff and tools for a move?

This point is related to the first one that talks about the amount of experience the company has in the sector. It is important to ask this question to ensure your peace of mind and to ensure that your office items are in good hands.

During a move, it is normal that you need some type of protection (blankets, baskets, ropes, etc.) or special handling for some objects such as computers, kitchen utensils, glass tables, among others. In addition, it is essential that staff have support tools for loading and unloading objects, especially when the office is located on a high floor where you have to go down and upstairs and use elevators.

6. Do you have positive reviews on your official accounts?

With the boom in social media and review websites, consumers have the power to affect, either positively or negatively, a company’s reputation and image. The opinions that consumers leave in a Facebook or Google Reviews account carry a lot of weight and can influence whether or not a person buys that product or service.

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Still, be careful not to get carried away by malicious comments from people who write negative reviews because of a misunderstanding. When researching moving companies, remember that while moving company reviews are a good indicator of brand reputation, they should be taken with a degree of lightness.


When it comes to hiring a moving company in Newcastle, it is best to ask all possible questions to ensure all aspects of the service, the commitment of the company and the trust generated by the staff.

RBR Moving offers the moving service locally and nationally, we work with specialized personnel to provide excellent assistance in transportation and freight.

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