Day in the Life: Clinical Psychologist – Part 1

Day in the Life: Clinical Psychologist - Part 1

Hello I am a clinical psychologist I have been working in this particular position oh my goodness for seven years now almost was when I started here how did you know that being a clinical psychologist is what you wanted to do well clinical psychologist always felt drawn to helping people even as a kid.

What you wanted to do well clinical psychologist?

I would listen to people’s stories and I’m the kind of person who will get everybody’s life story on an airplane so I’ve always been interested in it and this just seemed like the next logical step.

I majored in psychology and the next step after that is grad school and I just I guess clinical psychologist just followed the steps that were ahead of me so what is a typical day like and a typical week for you um typically.

I spend most my time seeing students here at the University for therapy so somewhere between & appointments in a day and then clinical psychologist also have time to do paperwork work on campus doing outreach activities presentations and workshops.

I’ve run a few groups how about how long does each appointment last about minutes to an hour does each day of the week sort of have the same tasks or any days sort of set aside for certain things pretty much every day is about the same.

Clinical Psychologist

I mean there’s some days that I have groups that clinical psychologist don’t have on other days but more or less every day is about the same its one-on-one time with some paperwork time and here and there workshop or something sprinkled in what is the paperwork for we need to document what clinical psychologists do.

so anytime I meet with a student for an appointment I need to make a note of it it goes into their medical record it helps me know what clinical psychologists have been working on but also as part of the billing for their insurance and part of medical chart what do you like or not like about your job and what are the pros and cons of this type of work well.

I do really like helping students clinical psychologists love hearing the stories and one thing I really like about working with students is that there is such a focus on learning and growing and everybody’s so energetic and even when they are infuriating students are very endearing.

So it’s a really great group to work with it can be challenging though because as you can imagine there’s a lot of stress that comes along with being a college student and so working in a college setting we kind of clinical psychologist guess take on some of that stress.

Clinical Psychologist

I can definitely feel it when we are hitting midterms and finals and so burnout can be a major part make me just struggle with this work have you ever worked in a setting other than a college campus.

Clinical psychologists have worked in a juvenile court I’ve worked briefly doing forensic evaluations in prisons I’ve worked in family therapy in adult psychiatry departments I’ve done autism ADHD assessments so it’s part of our training clinical psychologists actually go to a lot of different settings can you share a little bit about each of those.

And how those settings and environments can be different than that school well for one the people are very different so in family therapy you work primarily with family so you’re working with a large group often with young children.

And having to balance that working with the child it’s often some kind of child behavior problem but then the parents role in that so that’s very different from what clinical psychologists do here which is in the forensic evaluations or dealing with people who have been charged with a crime and awaiting trial.