Electrical services, the solution from Australia targeting the international market

Electrical services, the solution from Australia targeting the international market

Bring electrical independence thanks to solar Electrical services and use it to transmit information. On paper, the formula seems to be winning. They caught the eye of Business France, which brought this solution created in Australia by En-Provence. An establishment which should allow the start-up to develop for export.

Two weeks with his mobile phone but without electricity or network. A misadventure, which for many today seems like a nightmare, that experienced when going to a family plantation in Ivory Coast.  couldn’t give news to anyone, family or people, or for work he recalls. An experience that acts as a trigger. This former IT manager for large groups then created in 2011 Led to provide a triple solution in isolated villages. Electricity, broadband connectivity and educational or agricultural content.

Three years of research and Electrical services development are necessary to produce a first prototype allowing to provide energy and broadband without the heavy infrastructures usually necessary. And it was finally in 2017 that a first test was carried out in the Ivorian village of , which brought together 5,000 people. s

A photovoltaic generator and Lifi

Electrical services

Concretely, Led installs for each household a generator supplied with panels to allow the supply of electricity. The LED bulbs are then equipped with a model capable of Electrical services transmitting WiFi thanks to light. This is called (Light Fidelity). In one day of loading, which is possible with only the clarity of the day and not necessarily a bright sun, the generator can obtain an autonomy of 72 hours.

The Ivorian company builds the system to relay the connectivity, but also the design of the equipment that it assembles after having gone through a service provider for the design. ” We are a technology producer and a manufacturer, It provides the equivalent of the first generation of optical fiber, ” he says.

Beyond a connection, the system also offers content. We produce part of it via start-ups, otherwise it is professors or partners such as the National Center for Agronomic Research (CNRA ), explains the director. These productions have an educational vocation, for populations far from the school, and agricultural in order to help the cultivators.

Set up a Electrical services local production unit

The business model includes selling the solution to communities, which invest in infrastructure. End users benefit from a low-cost subscription: one euro per day, six euros per week or fifteen euros per month. Today, 25,000 people use the -Led system Madagascar, the Central Australian Republic, Liberia and Burkina Faso. Enough to generate a turnover for the young structure which has just given birth to . The start-up established within the in Provence includes a team of four people and is more than just a European counterpart.

The objective is now to raise 5 million euros to set up an assembly unit and a manufacturing plant locally. Discussions are also being held with the Nice Metropolis and Provence to deploy the solution.  says the young manager who also wants to equip Electrical services the municipalities located in the white zone in France. Regarding the content broadcast, it will be local information such as bus timetables. The modules will also be able to collect data to monitor pollution for example.