Our Electrical Services for all your Fearless 2 electrical projects

Our Electrical Services for all your Fearless 2 electrical projects

A company at your Electrical Services with an electrician for more than 25 years of experience in different areas: residential electricity, commercial electricity, industrial electricity.For all your projects electrical renovation: kitchen, basement, bathroom, expansion, etc. … And at all times for all your electrical problems. We will be there to support you in the choice of systems, materials and the realization of your projects in complete safety, because ”  playing with electricity is playing with your life  ” learn more.

Our skills acquired through the course and training follow-up as well as work experience, allow us to offer you the services of an electrician in the following areas:
- Construction of the new house
- Agricultural system (dairy farm, maple syrup production)
- Air exchanger installation
- Central vacuum installation
- Construction at height (use of basket)
- Do you have aluminum wiring (solutions available to you)?
- Do you want an autonomous generator system?
- Do you want to change your electrical input?
- Do you want to install a spa or a swimming pool?
- Do you want to install an electric car charging station?
- Do you want to know if your electrical installation is safe and compliant?
- Fire and intrusion alarm system (security system)
- Heating floor installation
- Maintenance of installations and works in grocery stores
- Underground electrical input (any power, any voltage)
- You have specific lighting projects inside or outside (LED system available)

Change of electrical input:

We can make changes in Electrical Services inputs from 100 amps to 400 amps under a voltage of 120/240 volts, according to your need. Also, it is possible to make electrical input changes from 60 to 400 amps at a voltage of 347/600 volts. You can also choose your change of input to move your electrical panel.

Electrical Services
Electrical Services

Autonomous backup system:

In many cases, using a generator is complex and not safe.

We offer installation Electrical Services for all types of generators, according to your emergency energy needs. The generator will operate independently or maybe a manual generator. Whatever your choice of a generator, our experts will find a solution to your emergency energy needs in a safe and practical way (compliance with codes and laws in force)

For your lighting projects:

For interior lighting projects, you want to create mood lighting in your kitchen, bathroom or any other room in your home. we will find a solution to any design project that meets your requirements, the use of built-in light, modulation of your interior lighting either by the traditional method with potentiometers (dining) or through home automation. With the use of traditional or LED bulbs. For exterior lighting projects, we offer you, always according to your needs, perfect lighting to illuminate your home, spa, pool, garden, which will enhance your home and make it warm and welcoming.

Electrical check:

When your insurance company asks you for an electrical check or when buying a house where an electrical check is necessary, we can do this electrical check to ensure the conformity of your panel, your sockets, your switches, etc. All in accordance with the codes and laws in force to allow you to meet the demands of your insurer and to ensure the complete security of the electrical system of your home.

You may also have (in your current or future home at the time of purchase) aluminum wiring which requires a complete check of each Services point in your home to make the modifications necessary to keep your aluminum wiring safe, aluminum spinning is a fragile material that needs to be handled with care and in the rules of the art. The aluminum wiring may not be consistent but can be by making some changes to the aluminum extrusion in accordance with applicable codes and laws. You can also have wiring where grounding is missing or in most cases, a check and a few modifications to the protection systems will make your installation comply with the codes and laws in force.

Spa and swimming pool installation:

With any purchase of a spa or a swimming pool, a compliant and safe electrical installation is necessary, the calibration of the conductors, as well as the protection of the person against any electric shock, are necessary. The choice of a compliant installation is necessary to protect you in this pleasant moment of relaxation because knowing when playing with electricity is playing with your life.

Electrical terminal:

From now on, many vehicles will ask to be connected to your Electrical Services network to be able to be functional, depending on the speed at which you are going to want to charge your vehicle, an electric terminal system will have to be installed at your residence or at your work. Various models are available on the market that will certainly meet your requirements and those of the auto mobile manufacturers.