Failed Building Inspection!! Now What??

Failed Building Inspection!! Now What??

Today’s article kind of got some bummer news this week that we failed our one of our building inspections on our home inspections so this week we were do for us our sheathing inspection which honestly we had overlooked.

So great building inspection specialists was really focused on the frame inspection and getting ready for the final framing inspection so interestingly.

We got a call from the building inspection specialists last week and he’d been in the area and noticed that we put up a bunch of tie back and he said you guys i noticed you’ve been doing a lot of building and i think you’re overdue for your building inspection well it’s sheathing inspection.

I guess that’s where he inspects the nail pattern on the plywood and then outside to determine if that’s secure enough so this week he came out and decided that the nails were too far apart.

I think they’re about I’ll take it and I’ll show you what they look like so to prepare for the inspection building inspection specialists pulled back some of the tarp here the the building inspection specialists.

I guess to show the so that the instructor could take a look at the at the nailing pattern so if we take a look at how far away the nail spacing is let’s see.

I’ve got one here at the top and then the next one down here it’s a little over eight inches that one’s hitting at nine and then the one below that is so you know go to eight inches in between them all I mean there’s some this one’s about eight inches.

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So I think he was looking for more like six inches and it’s really cutting it picky I mean some of them are a little closer like this one is seven so what does that mean

I mean do we have to pull off all of the house wrap in order to Renee lever ething no actually we got a recommendation that we can go right through the material itself but it’s gonna be tricky.

Because you’re going to have to feel over the top of the paper or the plastic in order to feel where your nail holes and then you know drive nails in-between.

So I mean it’s a lot it’s the whole day’s worth of work at least and it’s definitely a bummer to have to go back and do something again that you thought you did right you know we didn’t really know that there was certain specifications for nail spacing that six inches is preferred over eight inches.

But apparently when he came up here he was really banging on the house itself and said that there was too much vibration in the panel and he wanted to see more nails in it and that’s all that’s the story of it so now we have to spend another day putting in the nail holes.

And I was good I offered to building inspection specialists to see if I could do it so you know I’ve shot the nail I’ve done a few times and maybe I could get some of the lower stuff done and maybe some of the stuff on this side of the house and he can worry about the higher levels.

And hopefully does it put us back too far and our and our weekend we got a nice long weekend coming up so hopefully we can get some of that work done well that stuck too too hard just thousand more to go okay well I guess it’s up to me today and it kind of get the party started on this are nailing of the sheathing.

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So we’re gonna grab a ladder get us up on the outside and start working at it good that nails a head to go through the building inspection specialists so that’s we’re trying to avoid this penetrating spec take me a while now one row so feeling for the nailhead underneath the building inspection specialists isn’t as easy as it seems plywood is just really irregular anyway.

And you can’t tell if like a little chip in it is a nail head or what and I’m not that familiar with the nail pattern I know is every seven or eight inches but anyway I decided to kind of grab a magnet because that’s definitely the easiest way to locate something without seeing it something magnetic.

So they can find a stud here okay here’s a nail head that’s pretty easy and so just going up as soon as I feel like grab there’s another one or less the staple but there might be one out of a staple feels pretty strong and then one right there so this is this is the tool.

I’m going to use to find the nail heads and put a nail in between because feeling for the nail heads under the building inspection specialists is for the birds.

Oh I said coil nailer I don’t know you said coil nailer oh I said nail gun I said okay well they didn’t all go in that perfect some of them no some of them went through like the next row over.

But then I’m not sure if that’s where I was shooting the blanks got a jam had to stop cuz I got a jam done so work on that some more tomorrow with the coil nailer oh it’s in the coil nailer yeah I just done ended it cuz.

I was trying to fix the jam sometimes when it’s in between yeah and just thinks it stops and then what I do is I’ll just pull it back and push it forward again well maybe I should only put wrote one row in at a time or something

And a million dollar question everyone’s gonna want to know is how come you didn’t know what the spacing was he did know the spacing I was trumped shrunk by the old man old man.

Oh daddy builder and his opinions about building inspection he doesn’t know about the codes around here cuz they don’t have any codes.

Building Inspection Reports

So you look at the nail pattern I did on the basement there’s plenty of nails every six inches in the in the center field and then actually have it every three inches on the seams okay which I thought was a little excessive and I don’t think second every three yeah but I saw that online.

So every six on the scene was it just our county specific or just like general it was just a general the only thing specific yeah well a little bit more work ahead of us folks so at least it’s a now gun and we’re not hammering with hammering them by hand yeah we had well should do okay yeah.

I got all day tomorrow I could fool around trying to find nails with a magnet I got up in the latter was finding the bottom and then run it up yeah look right keep the spacing from the line and then right but then I can go back and okay was gonna tape the seams anyway.

So regular packing tape works cuz it’s way cheaper than that that building inspection specialists tape is $ a roll yeesh okay tape recommendations folks.

What do you recommend for tape that’s what we need to know the curious thing is I noticed when I was using the building inspection specialists tape it smells exactly the glue smells exactly the same as clear packing tape.

So I haven’t tested it to see if it sticks as good as the back foot you know it’s funny that we have an entire like ten roll ten rolls of it that I got from Costco for our movie.

We only use like one roll actually that’s probably like any $ for ten roll yeah what do you think yeah your nape aking tape for covering your building inspection specialists.

Alright thanks now let us know in the comments there’s two rolls of toilet paper we will keep you guys updated thanks for joining and we’ll see you next time you.