Features of concrete floor polishing

floor polishing

Concrete floor polishing are quite popular in modern construction. This is primarily due to its dryness, smoothness, evenness and durability. Before polishing the floor, a sanding process is performed. The service life of the finished coating depends on the quality of this process.

floor polishing

Concrete floor polishing gives a very high quality coating, similar to natural stone, but more wear-resistant and harder. Thus, the surface is also resistant to peeling or flaking of concrete.

The main goal of grinding a concrete floor is to obtain a perfectly flat surface, on which there are no cracks, chips or any kind of defects. There are several stages of surface grinding. To perform them, you will need specialized equipment with diamond and abrasive nozzles.

There are two types of grinding:

  • dry;
  • wet.

The first option is more common, since it differs in a simpler technology for its manufacture. Wet sanding means sanding during the manufacture of certain mosaic floors.

To floor polishing self-leveling floors, you need a grinder with good performance and diamond tools. The whole process of polishing a concrete floor is divided into the following stages:

  • removal of concrete several centimeters thick from the floor surface;
  • the introduction of an impregnator, which increases the strength of the concrete base;
  • polishing the surface until a shine appears on it.
floor polishing

If we consider the types of concrete surfaces, then we highlight the following options:

  • heavy concrete is divided into aerated and porous;
  • lightweight concrete is characterized by coarse porosity and lack of sand;
  • a special version of concrete is cellular and sawdust-sandy.

As a result, the polished concrete surface is highly resistant to mechanical stress and has a mirror-like shine. In addition, using a polished concrete floor has the following advantages:

  • environmental friendliness of use;
  • duration of operation;
  • antiseptic;
  • frost resistance;
  • ease of care.

In addition, after the concrete has been polished, it is subject to additional decoration – painting, painting. The scope of application of such a floor is associated with its use in public or residential premises. Most often, this type of floor is found in nightclubs, cinemas, shops, shopping centers.

floor polishing

Special equipment is required to sand the concrete floor. There are two types of grinders:

  • household use;
  • professional devices.

In the second version of the equipment, a special planetary mechanism is used, the speed and productivity of its work are much higher than that of household appliances. The principle of operation of this mechanism is based on the operation of the disk on which the satellites are fixed. On the latter, diamond-coated nozzles are installed, which rotate in the opposite direction from the circle. Due to the fact that the circle carries out rather complex movements, the floor is perfectly flat and smooth.

In addition, professional equipment has a function for adjusting the rotation speed of the tool. In some models, there is a function of supplying water and taking in the slag formed during grinding.

The efficiency of the work is directly affected by the weight of the device itself, its increase, and improves the quality of floor grinding. The cost of working with a professional floor polishing machine is much higher than using household appliances. However, the quality of the grinding corresponds to the cost of its implementation. More budgetary machine options have only one diamond disc, they are more compact than professional devices.

floor polishing

Grinding and floor polishing the floor is done in several stages. First, all defects are removed from the surface and it is completely leveled. All finish should be removed from the old coating. To do this, you will need discs with a grain size of 24-30. It is with their help that it will be possible to remove the filler layer.

The second stage of work involves the removal of various defects from the surface – deformation and shrinkage areas, cracks. For these purposes, an epoxy-based mastic is used.

At the third stage, the concrete floor is directly floor polishing. First, you should grind the floor with coarse nozzles, and then treat it with compounds that make the concrete more durable.

This is followed by a surface treatment process with high grain discs. It is at this stage that the concrete becomes very strong and hard. In order to give the base a perfect smoothness, it is polished.

Polishing is the final grinding of a concrete base. It is with its help that it is possible to create a highly decorative surface. A concrete floor polishing tool is more compact than a sander. Therefore, it is used for polishing floors both in public spaces and in small apartments.

The polishing process takes little time compared to grinding. However, the cost of performing work with the use of professionals is quite high. These costs pay off in operation, since a high-quality sanded and floor polishing coating will serve its owners for more than thirty years.