How can I open a garage door without a remote control?

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There is no doubt that automatic garage doors have made our lives more comfortable, thanks to them it is not necessary to get out of the car to open them, something that not only saves us time and gets wet on a rainy day, it also means a safety bonus. when returning at night and being able to go directly home.

However, if the engine fails for any reason or we have forgotten the remote somewhere, we will have a problem, if we do not know how to open the garage door manually, from not being able to go to an appointment or to work or being late, passing for not being able to take the car out or put it in the garage, until not being able to leave the house in cases where it is the front door to the house and there is no pedestrian door.

In this article we are going to explain precisely how to open a garage door without a remote control, also taking into account the different models of automatic doors that we can find both in private homes and in communities.

The power has gone out; can I open the garage door without using the remote?

The answer is that yes, most automatic garage doors include some type of unlocking device or mechanism that we can access to unlock the motor and open the door manually, since when the power supply is cut off, the motor locks, preventing the door from opening.

For this reason, it is essential to install motors that allow the door to be opened manually (either we will not be able to leave the house with the car or, in the worst case, we will have to leave the car on the street).

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It is recommended that before proceeding to unlock the door, we check its manual to locate said unlocking device and know how we should proceed once the motor has been unlocked; Ideally, before installing the chosen automatic door or just after installing it, we read its operating manual to find out what to do in this type of situation, both for personal safety reasons and to avoid damaging the door or any of its components.

But what if I don’t have the manual to hand or the door stopped working when I was coming home? In this case, unless you are very sure of how to proceed, it is advisable to contact the technical or maintenance service of the door so that they can tell you where to find the door unlocking mechanism.

Now, you may be wondering, what if there is light but I have forgotten the remote or it does not work?

We can find this scenario if we lose the remote control or its battery runs out. Likewise, you can resort to manual opening, but you must first cut the electrical current to the door, to avoid possible accidents.

How to open the garage door without remote control according to the type of door?

As you already know, on the market there are different types of automatic, sliding, tilting, sectional doors, etc., and therefore there are also different ways to open a garage door depending on its type and the motor it uses.

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In general, in all of them we will have to locate the unlocking screw or the garage door unlocking lock on the motor. In addition, it will never be necessary to open the motor to unlock it (if this is reached, you must contact the garage doors technical service before handling the motor yourself by opening the housing that protects it).

How to open an overhead door?

A tilting door, which we usually find both in neighboring communities and in private homes, opens either by pushing up or by pushing back. The way to unlock it is to insert the key into the lock or use the inside handle and guide it in the direction in which it opens. This door model is perhaps one of the easiest to open in case of not being able to use the remote.

How to open a sliding door?

The sliding doors so often found in separate dwellings or industrial buildings, open and close sliding sideways on a rail or guide. To be able to open it without using the remote control in the event of a power cut or breakdown, we only have to release the lock or screw of the unlocking handle with a key (usually Allen type) and push in the opening direction to move it.

How to open a sectional door?

The sectional doors have a release cord or handle to release the engine with which we can unlock them and move them without much further complication, just have to push up to open or to close it down.

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Is it safe to open a garage door without a remote control?

Obviously, automatic garage doors are designed to open using the motor, so resorting to manual opening of the same too many times can end up damaging its components and, therefore, shortening the useful life of the door.

So resorting to manual opening should only be done in emergencies and because we have no other option.

In this sense, using the garage door to open without control and without a motor is completely safe, as long as the manufacturer’s instructions in the door manual are followed or we follow the steps given by the technical service.

But, if once the motor has been unlocked using the means that we have described, the door still cannot be opened, never, under any circumstances, should the door be forced to move it, since it could mean the failure of any of the door components and this puts the user’s safety at risk.

In this case, it is advisable, once again, to resort to technical service.

Emergency battery and solar power

As we have seen, practically all garage doors have unlocking mechanisms to be able to open them in the event that the control does not work due to any type of breakdown or lack of power supply. But we have also seen that it may be possible that, even using this mechanism, the door still does not open.

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Not to mention the force it may take to move one of these doors, which carry considerable weight.

Fortunately, a solution for these problems, which can occur at any time, is found in garage doors whose motor incorporates an emergency battery, through which we can open the door either using the remote control, or from the control panel installed in the garage, if we are inside and it is the remote that does not work.

Another option is to mount a solar power kit for the door motor, a solution commonly used when it is impossible to carry out an electrical installation.

A motor powered by solar energy (through a photovoltaic panel and a battery box) is practically a sure guarantee that the garage door will not be left without power and we will not need to resort to manual opening if the power goes out.

These two solutions ensure that we avoid the inconvenience of having to resort to opening the garage door without control or manual and make sure that we do not lose that extra security provided by the automatic doors that we pointed out at the beginning of this article.

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So if you are thinking of installing a door for the garage of your house or your community of neighbors wants to change the access door to the community garage, consider opting like Doors 4U Garage Doors which we install.

These incorporate door motors with emergency batteries or the possibility of installing a solar power kit for the motor; It does not mean that you will never face a breakdown that blocks the door, but you should not worry about being able to take or put the car in the garage if the power goes out in the neighborhood.

If you want more information you can request us without any kind of commitment.

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