How to best bathroom renovation on a weekend

bathroom renovation

In the blink of an eye or on a weekend. There are small very successful changes with which to bathroom renovation without works. We make a list of the basics and you decide how far you want to go.

Bathroom renovation

There are bathrooms that need a complete reform, but others can gain a lot, transform completely, acquire personality or renew themselves with small gestures. They are those mini reforms with virtually no work , available to everyone.

We started our lists with the changes that take the most work and to which we must dedicate a little renovation more time, such as painting walls, a piece of furniture or changing the floor (be careful, no works). And we continue with a change of taps, the incorporation of a piece of furniture or, simply, a change of towels.

Bathroom renovation

We list and you decide how many steps your bathroom needs and what you want to do. We assure you, in a weekend your bathroom will be like new.