How to Pack a Box like a Professional Newcastle Removalist

How to Pack a Box like a Professional Newcastle Removalist

Newcastle Removalist is sitting in the box we’re going to test this slider when Newcastle Removalist drop this one pack your stemware vertically never pack a horizontally.

And always pack up on the top of the box you would never want to pack stemware below plates or any other heavy items stemware can also be packed.

And impairs the same as walk pocket ups in teacups can the idea behind that is the most fragile part the stem is protected by the other glass perfect nice and carefully make sure you treat each package gently again choose miscellaneous items to fill the gaps.

Newcastle Removalists

If you’re worried about the amount of paper you’re using shouldn’t be Newcastle Removalists can recycle this paper I press on top of the box just to see that you have got a little bit of movement there that’s the shock absorber I talked about a game pack nice.

And loosely and leave some nice corners which protected the package Newcastle Removalists have nearly completely finished the box there Newcastle Removalists have got a little gaps in the count filled with any other items so we’re going to flavor it with some paper.

This is the final stage that you have to get right if you don’t play all of these gaps on the top properly all your work is going to be wasted you’ll notice that these items and the paper sit just above the top level of the box.

But Newcastle Removalists are ready to close the flaps the final steps to sit out a few more pieces of paper and get it to the right height it’s really important that you get it to the right height.

Newcastle Removalists

So that when you close the flaps it closes nice and tightly you’ve seen that I press on the box and then it all presses down nice and tight the top of the box it’s flat and that’s really important if you have a divot in the box there’s not enough paper if you have a hump that’s too much.

And you need to pull something up going to get your box nice and square crisscross your tape to seal it up all right now I’m getting excited Newcastle Removalists are about to test a solid meal.

And put to the test all of the packing techniques that I’ve shown you today it’s the first time I’ve ever done this drop a box that is Oh blue at the bottom of that box that’s crushed in that’s going to test more packing tune in to our next blog to see the unpack.