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A few days ago we went to hunter valley wine tours , a wine region known internationally for its wines. It is located a couple of hours drive north of Sydney.

It is a very popular place for Australians and a must-see for travelers visiting the Sydney area.

It is an extremely beautiful area full of green landscapes, although sometimes, like now, it can get very dry. During your visit to hunter valley wine tours, you will learn about rural life in Australia, as well as learn the importance of wine in this region.

There are many companies offering hunter valley wine tours from Sydney, but we were struck by a local company, HV tours. It is a small, family business, their hunter valley wine tours are in small groups and exclusively visit the hunter valley wine tours area. During the visit, you can appreciate his experience, professionalism, know-how, and the good relationship that the guide has with the local wineries.

Hunter valley wine tours best Wine Tasting Tours wine tasting tours

Our hunter valley wine tasting started in the Central Coast, a beautiful coastal area just over 1-hour north of Sydney. If you have the opportunity, we recommend spending a night in this area and discovering its beautiful beaches and abundant nature.

The Central Coast can be reached by train, where you will cross the famous Hawkesbury River, just 40km from Sydney, it is one of the best and largest rivers in Australia to explore on your boat. Surrounded by a minimum of seven national parks, the magnificent river is navigable for quite 54 nautical miles or 100 km from its entrance in Broken Bay to the Windsor Bridge.

From the Central Coast it took us an hour to get to hunter valley wine tours, and as soon as we arrived we started to see the first wild kangaroos, some resting in the shade of the trees.

This region is likewise renowned for the quantity of kangaroos that can be seen. They are wild kangaroos, thoroughly free, and you can appreciate them in their natural environment. Our guide was kind enough to stop to take photos and admire this peculiar animal. It really is an experience to see them.

We continued on our way and our first official stop was at the GunDog Estate winery.

Our guide taught us the basics of wine tasting tours, allowing us to make the most of the day. Even though wine tasting tours may seem complicated, which makes us think we should leave it to the experts, with a few simple tips, anyone can become a wine taster!

A very kind girl introduced herself and gave us a list of the wines we were going to taste. Each wine she brought us explained its characteristics: when the grape was picked, the fermentation time, the time it was in the barrel and in the bottle, the smells, and flavors that we could appreciate, and with what type of food we could do it. pair for best flavor.

wine tasting tours

The wine tasting tours tips we were given were:

  • Choose the most suitable glass. The type of glass can have a significant influence on the perception of flavors. Although we had no choice, each winery gave us the type of glass that they considered most appropriate.
  • Observe the cleanliness and color of the wine. You can use a white surface to see it better.
  • Smell the wine to make sure there is no unpleasant odor.
    Move the wine in a circular way so that the aromas bloom with contact with oxygen.
  • Finally, the tasting of the wine in a small sip so that the taste buds of the tongue detect all tastes. They recommended we take several sips and take our time to fully perceive its flavors.
Hunter valley wine tours best Wine Tasting Tours wine tasting tours

With these indications we enjoyed each wine that was brought to us. It was interesting to see the different opinions of the group regarding each wine. Everyone’s palate is different and there is no right or wrong answer.

During the wine tasting tours we tasted a variety of wines, including Semillón (hunter valley wine tours is especially famous for the production of Semillon), rosé, Shiraz, Moscatel, Verdelho, Chardonnay, and Merlot.

Something that amazed us was finding the creation of Tempranillo. It was introduced by one of the wineries a few years ago and seeing that it was quite popular, others have incorporated it into their range.

So far we have only talked about the wine, however hunter valley wine tours also offers some fantastic local cuisine, which we were able to enjoy.

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