How much influencers earn per post?

How much influencers earn per post?

Influencer marketing remains one of the big marketing topics again this year. Just recently, the management consultancy Schickler predicted that the net advertising revenue of the still young form of advertising this year should climb to stately 630 million euros. Now shows how much an influencer post is actually worth the company.

The market research institute surveyed around 3,500 consumers worldwide in the period from December 2018 to January 2019, including 500. Also, interviews were conducted with 700 marketing decision makers worldwide – including 100 – who are directly involved in influencer campaigns.

The results are catching attention. According to the survey, marketers pay top influencers with more than 500,000 followers up to 38,000 euros per post.

At the same time, however, they increasingly rely on so-called micro-influencers. These social media personalities, who have fewer than 30,000 followers, pay up to € 32,000 – not per post, but for a whole campaign.

Consumers want trusted product recommendations from influencers – which may explain why more and more brands rely on micro-influencers

These micro-influencers tend to maintain a more intimate relationship with their followers and treat them like friends.


Influencers marketing is very valuable for companies

The great willingness of companies to invest in influencer marketing is not surprising considering the survey results. A whopping 83 percent of consumers claim to have ever bought a product that was recommended by an influencer. In the dark, however, the marketing is about whether the high expenditure in a particular case is appropriate.

According to the survey, 77 percent are unsure about which criteria should be used to calculate the level of compensation, and 37 percent have no way to measure the impact of individual influencer campaigns on their revenues.

Cooperation with influencers seems to be going quite smoothly. Sixty percent of marketers say the social media stars are open to new proposals. 83 percent also believe that influencers are interested in how their posts affect sales.


But this is exactly where the shoe pushes. Because 57 percent of surveyed marketers only measure the reach of their campaigns, 55 percent also examine the impact on brand awareness.

But only one-third, 33 percent, capture sales that result either directly or indirectly from the activities of influencers. Even the generated website traffic measured just 32 percent.