What is Managed IT Services?

managed it service

In the 21st century, it is rare for a business, organization, body or institution that does not use technology to manage its day-to-day life.

As a consequence, the concept of managed IT services arises as a way to outsource monitoring, maintenance, support and information technology management tasks.

What are managed IT services?

As we have mentioned, managed IT services output the tasks normally covered by a dedicated department, giving companies the flexibility to contract more or less volume according to their needs.

In addition, finding and training the right professionals requires time and dedication, often years, while hiring this type of services from an external company allows us to have highly qualified professionals without having to go through the process of hiring and training them.

It is important to note that when we talk about this type of services, companies offer everything they need: professionals, tools / technology and processes.

Advantages of outsourcing Managed IT Services

Technological devices are increasingly complex at the same time that each day they become more necessary for the proper functioning of almost all companies.

managed IT service

With needs ranging from maintaining security across multiple devices to managing a complex network, many problems can arise on a day-to-day basis. For many companies, maintaining an in-house IT team is not a practical solution.

Hiring IT services through managed service providers offers the necessary service and benefits that are not always obvious before hiring.

These are the 8 main benefits of outsourcing managed IT Services:

1. Cost savings and greater control

One of the most surprising benefits of IT outsourcing is saving money. Although it seems that having staff and resources on staff is always easier than hiring external services, the reality is fair, on the contrary.

Hiring this type of IT services provides support where and when the company needs it, paying only for what is used, without associated fixed costs or personnel who do not dedicate all their time to the most qualified tasks for which they have been hired.

2. Increased efficiency

A service provider knows how to help your business be more efficient. It can help you redesign workflows, automate tasks and update equipment, has the latest technology to make operations more efficient and helps you stay up to date so you don’t succumb to the competition.

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3. Experts and experience at your disposal

An in-house team only sees the problems that arise. When you hire IT services, you are hiring experts who see a vast number of similar problems every day.

When they arise, they already know how to fix them quickly and at a lower cost. IT professionals at a managed service provider receive ongoing training to provide the best service available.

4. Support your business goals

Your business has limited resources. When you have to spend time and energy making IT decisions on complex systems, it is very likely that you will stray from your business goals.

IT outsourcing allows you to focus on what you want for your business, while your managed IT service provider provides the IT support you need to achieve it.

5. Security enhancements

Security is extremely important. Your network has vulnerabilities that you must protect against.

Hiring IT allows you to take advantage of the extensive knowledge of experts trained in this subject to provide security solutions for your business.

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Your managed service provider can assist you keep your software and security up this point.

6. Maintain compliance

Today, many industries have compliance standards that must be followed. Without additional support, it can be easy to go wrong and lose business as a result.

IT outsourcing allows you to focus on getting the job done, while your managed service provides implementation strategies to meet industry regulatory standards.

7. Be competitive

If you have a medium-sized business, you simply do not have the same resources as a large corporation. However, hiring managed IT services allows you to have the same degree of experience, equipment and support as these large companies.

Thus, it allows you to compete with the big boys while providing a superior customer experience and being more competitive.

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IT outsourcing helps you grow your business while saving money and keeping up with the latest technology. It is important to choose the right managed service provider for both the characteristics of your business and your needs.

8. 24 × 7 Service

Being able to access a 24 × 7 preventive and proactive operation and administration service, which is often difficult to set up with the internal IT team.

What do managed IT services do?

A company that wants to outsource this type of service can find practically anything it needs, but normally, the following areas are usually covered:

Equipment maintenance

Today more than ever it is essential to have an equipment maintenance service. As more and more devices connect to the network and offer data for analysis or facilitate daily tasks for employees, it is necessary to have a staff or a company to ensure their correct operation, as well as their security.

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Management of networks and systems

The technological infrastructure of the company, which guarantees that all workers can carry out their tasks, also needs dedicated personnel or a company that performs them.

Managed Cloud Services Managed Cloud

services are a set of IT maintenance services in which the external company takes care of all or part of the business operations.

It is an increasingly popular model because it represents a significant cost reduction while improving productivity.

Among the main advantages of having a Managed Cloud Service are the possibility of having control and a forecast of costs through a fixed monthly fee that can be easily extended if the need arises.

As we have commented, these outsourcing services allow to have a level of service in accordance with the operations of the company and, in some cases, financial compensation in the event of non-compliance.

In addition, the personnel in charge are usually certified and have extensive experience in the client’s systems.

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