Mezzanine pallet gate platforms

Mezzanine pallet gate platforms

The system was developed for the construction of mezzanine pallet gate platforms. Unlike traditional mechanically welded construction service, these platforms can easily be enlarged, moved or modified for future needs. Combined with a full range of accessories, such as stairs, railings, and locks, this system is suitable for a wide variety of uses. Thanks to the modular design of this system can also be used in the production of intermediate floors in shelving systems with shelves or pallets with in addition a wide possibility of spans and loads.

The advantages of a self-supporting platform

  • More competitive than hot profile installations
  • More flexible and easy to modify for your future needs.
  • Easy integration of hoppers, for stairs, conveyors, hoists, etc.
  • The joist allows a simplified installation of smoke extractors, sprinkler networks or the distribution of the electrical network under the floor.

Modular floor system

Mezzanine pallet gate combined with pallet racking

mezzanine pallet gate structures can be connected to the ladders of traditional pallet racking using connectors specially designed for this purpose. The combination of pallet racking/mezzanine is often used for order picking areas or in support of conveyors for automated shelving systems.

mezzanine pallet gate

Pallet Shuttle system on a Mezzanine pallet gate installation

In addition to our traditional pallet racking system, you can also use our mezzanine pallet gate shuttle system in combination with your mezzanines. Storage units in deep corridors can be fixed to the mezzanine installation using bolts. So you can easily increase your storage space without modifying your warehouse.

By combining a mezzanine and our system, you can increase the density of storage while keeping flexibility below the platform.

Atlas stow shuttle on a mezzanine platform

Mezzanine pallet gate platforms with offices

Double your area without the need for a building permit. No need to build new premises: use the volumes of your existing buildings thanks to a scalable and economical solution that can be installed very quickly. Your platform equipped with office partitions or a workshop cabin will be assembled in record time.

These modular offices and workshops integrate perfectly into your industrial premises and the removable partitions will allow you to adjust the space according to your needs over the years.