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Metal chain for fencing park areas and sidewalks – a beautiful and practical solution


The fencing of the territory has been used by man from time immemorial. This is done not only to delimit space. Often, fences, especially recreation areas, parks, gardens, alleys and sidewalks, perform a decorative function, complementing the architectural and landscape design.

And an excellent solution in this regard is chain fencing. It looks quite stylish and original, in comparison with the boring harsh or elaborate wooden fences or metal fences.

But beyond that, chain fencing has a number of interesting and worthwhile advantages. Namely:

Easy to install. If in order to erect a concrete fence, you need a team of workers and special equipment, a lot of time and money, then one person will deal with the chain fence. In installation, such structures are more than simple.Affordable price. This aspect is important for many and allows the buyer to save a significant amount.

Chain fences are not suitable in all cases when arranging the territory. They will not be able to protect private property from the penetration of a thief, for example. But as decorative elements that mark the territory, they will be in place in public places:

around fountains, monuments and flower beds;
in parks and squares;
along sidewalks and alleys;
at office, business, shopping and cultural and entertainment centers;
in botanical gardens, zoos and other similar places.
Thus, chain fences fulfill two important functions:

Hazard warning (between the sidewalks and the road, at a cage with an animal in a zoo or at the edge of a sharp slope in a recreation park).
A ban on entering the protected area (along a lawn that cannot be walked on, near a valuable architectural monument, etc.).
Metal chain for fencing – beautiful, reliable, safe!
Terrain fencing chains are made of plastic or metal. Plastic, of course, is cheaper, but its strength characteristics are weak compared to those of metal products.

Therefore, plastic chains are best used indoors, for example, to delimit exhibits in a museum. And for arranging an open area, metal chains will come in handy.

This is explained by the strengths of the material of manufacture.

Metal chains: advantages
Strong. They cannot be torn or damaged.
Reliable. They will withstand the most intense heat, terrible frost, wind, rain and snow. No weather disasters will affect the quality of metal products.
Fireproof. The same cannot be said about plastic.
Long lasting. Metal products serve with dignity for years. And this moment justifies their cost a hundredfold.
Aesthetic. Metal chains look quite stylish, plastic also loses here. Correctly selected, they can fit into any landscape and landscape design.

Chain fencing: how rich is the lineup?

Such a seemingly unpretentious design like a chain can in fact be represented by a variety of models. Depending on the dimensions, shape, color and design of the chain links, different types of chain protections stand out.

The chains are divided along the length of the link:

short-link (considered the most durable);
medium link;
Short-link chains can be calibrated or uncalibrated.

The shape of the links is often round or oval. But nobody rejects the opportunity to experiment with form.

Nowadays it is possible to paint metal chains for fences in any color. The coating of such items is popular for silver or gold. If the fence is located near the playgrounds, for example, then any bright colors that complement the picture will be relevant.

The buyer always has the opportunity to order from the manufacturer individual design chains for fencing: certain sizes, shapes and colors.

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