Benefits of the pre-employment assessment

pre-employment assessment

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Wouldn’t it be easy if you already had a list of job candidates ready when you’re ready to interview? They wouldn’t have to spend hours together examining the candidates one by one.

“What cannot be measured, cannot be managed”

Pre-employment evaluations are intended to make your job as a recruiter easier by providing you with the most suitable people for the job. Assessments do this by validating applicants’ skills and competencies against the requirements of the position.

Frame Work Group provides you with a variety of pre-employment assessments to make better hiring decisions.

Being a pre-employment evaluation recruiter is something you must have heard a lot about in the industry for quite some time. Understanding the meaning of online assessment has perhaps misled you, thanks to the endless chunks of information floating around the internet. Online pre-employment assessment tests can be used to help recruiters identify the candidates who will be the most suitable for their organization.

These talent evaluations help predict a candidate’s job performance and even retention ability to a great extent. With reports and data to support all results. Therefore, in theory, we can safely say that candidates who pass the screening test should perform better as employees if they are hired. Understanding the meaning of online evaluations can help you be efficient in your hiring process.

pre-employment assessment

94% of recruiters use online marketing channels to recruit. Employers who used social media marketing to hire found a 49% improvement in the quality of candidates compared to candidates obtained only through traditional recruiting channels.

This number has been increasing for the last 6 years.

Therefore, going online can be considered an absolute pleasure for your recruitment.

We are not threatening that recruitment will be impossible without online pre-employment assessment tools or platforms; however, it has become an inevitable part of the hiring process. From online job portals and social media recruiting to online ATS and pre-employment assessments. These have become an integral part of your hiring routine.

If the online pre-employment assessment still has you asking “Why” or “What”, even “How”, then we are here to provide you with a life jacket and help you explain the online assessment and better walk through the process of understanding the meaning of online pre-employment assessments step at a time.

What does a pre-employment assessment tool measure?

A pre-employment assessment tool, to be convincing, must consider a person’s business-related qualities, interests, identity, and personality type and aptitudes. These attributes make up your identity, so ignoring them will not give you an accurate answer. We should investigate everyone.

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Business or work-related values ‚Äč

Your qualities are the thoughts and beliefs that are critical to you. Your work-related qualities may incorporate self-reliance, prestige, security, relational connections, helping other people, adaptable work routine, working outdoors, recreation time, and high wages. If you consider these things when choosing a profession, you have a superior chance of achieving job fulfillment.


Your preferences regarding the different exercises make up your interests. Different psychologists and therapists discovered many years ago that people who share comparative interests also appreciate a similar type of work. In light of this hypothesis, she created what is now called the Strong Interest Inventory, an assessment that is used by many professionals and career development specialists to assist clients with career planning.

Identity or Personality Type

Your identity or personality comprises your social characteristics, motivational drives, needs, and mental states. Understanding your type can allow you to choose an occupation, as specific identity deeds are more qualified for specific professions, and also workplaces, than others.

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Aptitude refers to the common ability of a person, assumed the ability or ability to obtain an experience. The cases incorporate mathematics, science, visual skills, music, verbal or compound correspondence, mindfulness, reasoning and thinking, manual finesse, mechanics, or spatial relationships.

You can have many skills. It is imperative to remember that having an aptitude for something does not mean that you will fundamentally like doing it. Or, on the other hand, you may appreciate doing it, but not for work. That is a top priority comment when choosing a vocation.

Benefits of using pre-employment assessments:
  1. Saves companies a lot of time that they would otherwise have to spend organizing an offline assessment.
  2. Save a lot of money needed to physically perform the test
  3. Assessments can be conducted by multiple candidates at multiple locations.
  4. More accurate results, as a computer does.
  5. Online pre-employment assessments give examinees the advantage of taking the exam at a time and place that is convenient for them.
  6. There is increased security associated with online pre-employment assessments, as all necessary information is stored digitally. Therefore, there is very little chance that the data will be tampered with.

“Nearly 75% of organizations with more than 100 employees rely on online tools for their hiring process.”

Since the Internet offers a large number of online pre-employment assessments, it often gets confusing. Which to choose? Which evaluation will provide the best result?

But, having said that, you don’t have to sweat! We are here to help you choose the right pre-employment assessment for your needs. These are some of our tips to choose the best one. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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