Create your own precast designer home

Create your own precast designer home

Bet on building the future: faster, more efficient and more adapted to your needs.

The industrialized homes are here to stay. Its advantages – speed of execution, cost containment, energy efficiency and environmental sustainability – are unbeatable compared to conventional construction.

In addition, the constant improvement of construction techniques and materials available to architects and designer home builders makes it possible to overcome what associated prefabrication and standardized and poor design.

Nowadays it is possible to create a prefabricated designer home without aesthetic or size limitations.

Create your own precast designer home

Prefabricated designer home is usually associated with wood, as it is a lightweight and easy to machine material.

But the development of lighter architectural concrete has allowed to reduce thicknesses and weights, facilitating greater versatility in the creation of the construction elements and their subsequent assembly.

The precast concrete confer stability, strength and durability to buildings, and are easy to recycle. Not to mention its excellent thermal inertia, which has beneficial effects on the regulation of the temperature inside the building and consequently brings greater energy savings.

Finally, since in many cases it does not need coating, the concrete emits very low or zero levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Create your own precast designer home

A construction system based on concrete called Artic Wall, a sandwich wall composed of a 7 cm outer layer of architectural white concrete, a 9 cm intermediate layer of high performance insulation and a 15 cm structural concrete inner layer.

With this system you can create diaphanous spaces of up to 10 x 10 meters with a refined aesthetic, maintenance free and with an energy efficiency three times higher than in a traditional designer home .

Applying this methodology and other resources of bio-climatic architecture, you can create a passive or almost null consumption house.

Create your own precast designer home

The investment in this type of designer home is well amortized after a few years with the savings in energy expenditure and maintenance obtained.

Prefabrication has much to say in the sustainable future of a sector, that of construction, which has a great environmental impact. With a prefabricated designer home you will be contributing to reduce your polluting footprint without sacrificing the comfort and beauty of a well-designed space.