7 Reasons to Wear a Motorcycle Helmet

motorcycle helmet

The most important safety equipment that you need when riding a motorbike is a helmet. A number of studies have shown that wearing a motorcycle helmet reduces the chance of head injury due to an accident by as much as 88%. It’s not just your head though, wearing a motorcycle helmet will also protect your neck and face from any injuries sustained in the event of an accident. So if you’re about to get on your bike for another ride, it’s time to invest in some quality safety equipment like helmets!

In this blog post, we’ll go through the top seven reasons you should wear a motorcycle helmet when riding your motorbike.

1. Helmets provide protection for the head

This is one of the most important safety equipment you can use and it is required by law in most states. It keeps you safe from head injuries like skull fractures and brain trauma during accidents. Helmets are designed to absorb and spread out the force of an impact in order to protect your head.

Helmet protects your eyes and face from dirt, dust, wind, rain. Also it protects your neck from the back of the head in case there is a rear-end collision when riding.

If you need one, consult a motorcycle professional like Singleton Bike Shop for advice which helmet is best for you.

2. Helmets are lightweight and comfortable to wear

Motorcycle helmets are lightweight and comfortable to wear; coming in many different colors and styles while still providing maximum safety protection. People have been wearing them since World War I when pilots needed additional protection than what their leather caps provided.

Motorcyclists now rely on these helmets as one of their most essential pieces of gear – if they’re not wearing a helmet, then they cannot legally ride at all!

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Helmet becomes an integral part of the motorcyclist’s outfit, and just like how people don’t wear a hat indoors nowadays, it has become an automatic accessory for all bikers.

3. Wearing a helmet while riding a bike will make it easier to hear.

This is another reason why riders should wear helmets. They need to be able to hear traffic and pedestrians coming from behind them, but also ahead of them when they’re driving on the roads.

Wearing a helmet while riding helps protect their hearing so that they can still have normal conversations and not strain themselves trying to listen for sounds in an environment with increased noise levels.

Without helmet protection, riders may lose their hearing in a collision and not even know it. This will make driving more dangerous for them because they won’t be able to hear what is going on around them.

4. Motorcycle helmets are made for a variety of head shapes

Most helmets come in a variety of shapes to fit different head sizes. Check the size chart or try on a helmet before you buy it to ensure that it will provide the protection you need for your own shape

Motorcycle helmets are typically measured in centimeters, so they should be one number smaller than your regular hat size.

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If possible, make sure there is at least one finger’s width between your eyebrow and the front edge of the visor when worn. The brim of a motorbike helmet can offer additional sun/UV protection.

5. helmet keeps you warm or cold days

It helps to keep you warm on a cold day when the wind is blowing. It also blocks some of the noise and can help make your ride more enjoyable, especially in cities with heavy traffic or high volumes of exhaust fumes.

A helmet helps protect your head from rain and snow that would otherwise cause it to get wet and therefore lead it to become colder faster than if there was no protection at all. In winter, this could mean an extra hour or two outdoors without feeling too uncomfortable before going back inside for warmth.  You may not need insulation or wear as many layers!

6. Your hair won’t get messed up while wearing a helmet

Motorcyclists especially celebrities don’t want to wear a helmet because they want to show their hair off. But the truth is that your hair won’t get messed up while wearing a helmet.

Motorcycle helmets are specifically designed to provide coverage for all of the head including the back and sides of the head. The design prevents any excess wind from making its way into your locks, which means you’ll never have tangles in your mane again!

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A lot of people often think about how cool it would be if they could put on some motorcycle gear with nothing but long, silky blond or brunette locks pouring out of it (or however else they like). However, there’s no need to worry about looking crazy every time you step onto your bike – simply throw on an open-faced helmet and your hair will be left looking as good as ever.

7. Helmets are affordable safety equipment

Most people think helmet is expensive but in fact, helmets are one of the most affordable pieces of safety equipment. They range from $40 to $300 depending on how many features they possess and which brand is being purchased.

Helmets can save up to 85% of your brain according to some studies so it’s worth investing in a quality helmet that will keep you safe for years or decades into the future! If anything happened and you were involved in an accident without wearing one, then it could be too late – possibly resulting in lifelong disabilities.

There was also a recent study that those who wear helmets have lower mortality rates than those who do not wear them; making this piece of gear very cost-effective as well!

If you’re looking at buying a helmet, there are a few things you should look for:

  • The construction of the helmet needs to be made from high quality materials.
  • It must have certification showing it complies with safety standards and that is appropriate for your head size.
  • You need to make sure it fits well on your head; if not then an airbag may deploy when in use which can endanger you more than wearing one!

If you’re looking at getting a new motorcycle safety equipment or bike service done near Newcastle like oil changes and tune ups, Singleton Bike Shop‘s experts will help find the right gear for both yourself and your vehicle! We know all about helmets so trust us as we will get you set up safely. If you need more information, contact us today!

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