How much does the roof restoration cost?

How much does the roof restoration cost?

The roof protects the frame, the walls and ensures the stability of the house or building. Checking his condition regularly is essential. In case of infiltration, walls and floors are damaged. The wood tends to rot, allowing the proliferation of molds and fungi, potentially dangerous for the health of the occupants. Roof restoration yourself is complicated, even dangerous. It is therefore strongly advised to have this operation carried out by a professional even if it is sometimes a substantial investment.

In this article from the Roofing Price Guide , we present the important information to get started in roofing renovation with peace of mind: material prices, labor costs and economical solutions .

Roof restoration: the reasons for renovating your roof

Faced with bad weather and climate change, the roof deteriorates from year to year. Cracks appear as well as mold. Water infiltration jeopardizes the waterproofing and the very structure of the roof. Some materials such as slate or lauze can slip in rain or strong wind. Repositioning or replacing them eliminates recurring humidity problems inside the house. Regular renovation of the roof avoids the consequences of loss of waterproofing of the roof. You may also need to review the configuration of your roof for any extension project from above. Roof restoration is entering into an energy saving project or even creating a new attic space .

Roof restoration: what makes prices vary

The price difference mainly depends on the type of materials used and the roof area to be covered. Performed by a professional, the work will have to integrate the cost of labor , which varies greatly depending on the craftsman and the region. For example, the price of replacing tiles depends on the number and quality of the chosen or imposed tile. For an expansion project involving a new roof configuration, the skill of an architect seems to be essential to carry out plans. His fees will also weigh in the overall cost of the project, but his expertise will allow you to save a lot during the work and over time.

Good to know: roof restoration works can also allow the installation of solar panels to modify the heating and electricity system and switch to green energy .

Roof Restoration

Roof restoration : average prices depending on the planned works

The average roof restoration price comes to AUD 1,300 incl. Tax according to statistics based on 17 customer profiles who have requested a quote. The average range is between 1027 AUD and 2572 AUD. The minimum costs noted start at AUD 650 and the maximum costs including tax reach AUD 3,500 *. These prices reflect the costs generated by small repair work as well as by complete renovation work , whatever the types of materials. The prices charged by artisans may also vary by region.

Roof Restoration: roof restoration prices depending on the building

The work carried out on the roofs differs depending on whether it is personal property or collective property. Thus, the invoice amounts represent related price levels.

For example, the amount for the repair of a 2-slope roof has been estimated at AUD 3,850 including tax *. The repair of a building roof is estimated on average at 3754 AUD with a price range varying from 1500 to 6600 AUD *. The price of replacing a complete single-family house roof is on average at AUD 11,180 including VAT, in a wide price range, the low average of which is AUD 329 including VAT for replacing a small roof area average high of AUD 47,125 for the replacement of the entire surface of a large house *, according to statistics made with over 151 quotes. For all other buildings, the average Roof Restoration price of AUD 4,660 includes budgets of AUD 200 up to AUD 13,000 *.

Roof Restoration : prices depending on the type of work

Craftsmen and general contractors set different prices depending on the work to be done. To put some slates back in place, the professional claims an average amount of AUD 350 *, including labor, transportation of equipment and travel. The slightest leak in the ceiling of a room causes an average expense of AUD 870 including VAT *.

In the case where the renovation of the roof concerns the installation of safety equipment, a replacement or a laying of material, the total budget amounts on average to 11,180 AUD with a price range varying from 80 to 75,000 AUD * . For example, the replacement of valley sheet or tile will cost on average AUD 2,090 *. If you want to make snow stops , you may be billed around AUD 1100. The sum of AUD 980 is necessary to review the watertightness and repair of the gutter is estimated on average at AUD 1000 *.

Roof Restoration: How to Save When Renovating a Roof

If your Roof Restoration work includes energy work such as insulation under the roof , you can benefit from several grants from the State and certain organizations. To get these “boost”, the professional hired must be qualified RGE (Recognized Guarantor of the Environment). His sound advice and detailed quotes, detailing the performance of the insulation material, will allow you to obtain a tax credit of 30% called CITE (Tax Credit for Energy Transition) and perhaps even an eco-friendly zero-rate loan , bonuses from energy suppliers, Anah aid, grants from local communities and various associations fighting for the respect for the environment .

In all cases and even if the works do not envisage an energy improvement, you are entitled to a VAT rate reduced to 10% as soon as your home has been built for more than 2 years.