Security doors: an efficient lock for better security

Security doors: an efficient lock for better security

A high-performance lock can protect your home from any attempted burglary. In fact, the majority of burglars prefer to attack an easily accessible property. The lock on the security doors is the thing they dwell on the most. It is therefore essential to equip yourself with an excellent lock to avoid unpleasant surprises. To do this, you have a choice between the following different models.

The embedding or mortising locks

The mortise lock is ideal for new constructions since it is concealed in the thickness of the door. As a result, it is completely invisible, which already guarantees you better protection for your entrance. It also gives you the possibility of setting up handles that can be maintained thanks to decorative plates in stainless steel, brass or varnished. This brings a more aesthetic touch to your property.

Applied locks

For entrance doors that cannot integrate a mortise lock, the best thing is to turn to the surface locks. The difference between these two types of lock is that the surface-mounted lock allows the device to be visible. In addition, its installation can be carried out with great ease. Also, whether for new construction or a renovation, this type of lock will always be suitable. If you want to on a fairly old or defective door, this is the model for you.

For hotel establishments and administrative buildings such as offices, that have a system of pins will do the trick. In addition, they give a more modern and elegant appearance to your entrance.

Point locks

Whether it is a built-in or surface-mounted lock, this is equipped with closing points. Some models have only one locking point, these are single-point locks. Others, however, have several, ranging from 3 to 5 safety points. The most efficient locks are provided with 6 locking points. It should be noted that the security doors make it possible to control the opening or closing of several security points at once. As for the type of closure, there are the pull models and the handle models.

Electric locks

Entrance doors have been able to open remotely. If you want to automate your current lock, all you have to do is change its strike. In addition, for narrow jamb doors, prefer vertical locks and horizontal locks for wide jamb doors.