Select perfect automatic garage doors

Select perfect automatic garage doors

Sure. Lasting Reliable . These are just three of the adjectives that define sectional automatic garage doors. These characteristics make it more and more those who decide to change their garage doors for these sectional  automatic garage doors.

In addition to being very safe, durable and reliable they also have another added value that you should not overlook. And they are very, very aesthetic . They are automatic doors that embellish your facade . You can find them made in countless finishes.

It is another solution that we want you to know in case you want to change your traditional door for an automatic one. In addition to the sectional, we also have rolling, folding, tilting or sliding doors. And of course with their respective accessories. If you chose roller blinds you would have no problem finding here all the accessories for automatic roller doors .

We will talk in the next long and extended lines of the sectional automatic garage doors.

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The characteristics of sectional automatic garage doors

Garage Doors Newcastle will start by telling you that these sectional automatic garage doors are made of steel or aluminum sheet both internally and externally. And they are made from panels . In our company you will also find them built with double sheet, that is, inside and outside in embossed and ribbed galvanized steel.

Between the inner layer and the outer layer of steel Garage Doors Newcastle inject a high density polyurethane insulator . As Garage Doors Newcastle have said it is a magnificent thermal and acoustic insulator.

The thermal insulator is that the door can never be damaged by weather events such as rain and wind. That is why we are sure that when you install one of our sectional doors you will have it as new for many years.

By the way, you also have to forget about its maintenance. Once installed it does not need any type. 

The manufacture of these doors is based on sliding panels, using guides on a rail. This is how they are horizontally either to the ceiling or to the wall. Because there are also automatic side sectional doors.

Choose the size you choose do not doubt that they will be equally safe. We can manufacture large doors, always adjusting to the measures you indicate.

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The advantages of sectional automatic garage doors

With sectional automatic garage doors you will have many advantages. The first one we want to highlight is obviously that of comfort. It is very comfortable that you approach the door of your garage and with a simple movement of the finger on your remote control you can open and close it.

This you will notice on rainy days for example. It is a pain to have to get out of the car to open a manual door. Also when it is very hot it is. But above all you have to keep in mind that it is a system for your security . You enter your house directly, without stopping. This way you avoid being a victim of a robbery.

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How to buy automatic garage doors?

In Garage Doors Newcastle you can now buy your sectional automatic garage doors online. The purchase process is very simple. You just enter our website and choose the model that you like and the one that best suits your needs.

Once you access the chosen product you will see that a lot of options are displayed Choose your measurements, choose the colors and see following the steps of all the features Garage Doors Newcastle offer. With one click you already have one of our sectional automatic garage doors.

How to place the garage doors? Well you can do it yourself . As soon as you choose your door we will send it to you. And you can place it yourself. But in case you want help we have no problem sending you to a member of our team of specialists to place it for you.

In this case, you just have to contact us and Garage Doors Newcastle will reach an agreement. To get in touch with us you can call us directly or send us an email. Keep in mind that we will advise you on everything you need. If you want for example to buy accessories for swing doors because you have decided in the end for this type of door, Garage Doors Newcastle will also do it.