Smart Home Automation Management: Your network home

Smart Home Automation Management: Your network home Home Automation
Home Automation

Fridge that tells you what to buy. Home Automation Control the entire heating system at the push of a button. Always be up to date on electric consumption. Googling with the voice control or programming the shutters. What is possible or sensible today? Some things are already prescribed by the legislator. Many parts work on their own. Some can be combined. It gets a little upset if you are worried about your accommodation.

This guide is about smart at home. What is possible, what is not possible, what should you consider when installing technology and what options do you have for profitably deploying technical processes? – Smart Home – your network home

Smart home goods – by comparison

What is a Luxury Home?

Home Automation

Home Automation: Automate quality of life and security, including energy efficient, technically assisted use. Technology should support people – not replace them. You decide which machine to do what and when. You can program tools – how it suits you and your life.If you do not have a smartphone, you can attach appropriate panels to the wall or use a tablet to change the technology.

Smart metering

There are hidden counters behind the term: Water, gas, electricity. These counters are digital and can be monitored at any time. This can help you get an overview of what to wear when you’re off. You can work with the data, you could save electricity, or, at worst, find that you have a broken water pipe. We take a closer look at the legal rules on the subject of digital electricity meters below.

Home automation – smart home

This area includes security such an alarm system , the heating , lighting and also automatic blind control. Have you gone further? You can just pull the blinds down from anywhere. Lighting and heating can also be personalized. Turn off the light in the bathroom easily from the cup.

Maybe you are cold and want to warm up before you get home?
What’s also possible today – its automated solution for your front door . No joke. Your smartphone is accessible via GPS and if (at best you haven’t missed it) near your front door, it opens. It closes itself immediately if you move away from a certain radius.

Household appliances – Home Automation

With Smart Home you can also network all household appliances. Maybe you want your coffee on time in the morning? Smart living makes it happen. You can also use your own fridge , your Beach or yours network washer .

Maybe you have one lawn mower or one Robot pool? These friendly helpers can be controlled and programmed in the Smart Living area.

Electronic consumer

Access your files, photos, videos and movies from all over the house without dragging CD sticks or other data storage devices from A to B. You can if you own one Home Automation Install server system .