Wooden Floor Sanding : Best 3 Tips For Sanding

Floor Sanding

Floor Sanding parquet or any other type of wooden surface share the same goal: to achieve a sanding that smooths and evens out the surface without damaging the wood. Tips for sanding wooden floors using Bosch power tools.Getting a perfect finish easily is what Bosch power tools give you (in this case, sanders). With them you can sand any type of materials and surfaces: furniture, doors, windows, sand wood, sand parquet, putty, plastic and other varieties.

The sanders Bosch offer a very wide application. The advantages of the orbital sander give you quick and fine sanding on smooth surfaces. Whether sanding wood, sanding parquet or any other type of flat surface, the Bosch orbital sander excels at materials such as wood and metal.

The Bosch Orbital Sander :

The oscillating and vibrating movement of its sanding area offers a perfect finish – both on large and small surfaces (although this is recommended for sanding large).Its rectangular sanding plate provides a very good breakout force and has a very very quiet motor.We cannot overlook the micro filter system of this sander, which is responsible for vacuuming the dust that is generated during the sanding procedure

Tips For Wooden Floor Sanding :

The first thing that should be done is a general Floor Sanding, that is, sanding the entire surface and removing all the varnish that was previously and that it is dark.Now, if it is a parquet Floor Sanding, its maintenance requires particular care.

  • Use hand-held orbital sanders – this will take longer, but it is the safest way to prevent your parquet Floor Sanding from showing accidentally caused incisions.
  • If the floor is plank, it is recommended to sand in parallel (in the plank direction).
  • Use a smaller grit of sandpaper for a finer finish.
  • After sanding, a general cleaning should be carried out to subsequently apply the varnish.

If It Is A Wooden Floor :

  • For this type of Floor Sanding, the ideal would be to use the mop or the vacuum cleaner with a built-in brush.
  • Stains can be cleaned simply with a damp cloth.
  • It can also be done with a mop, but well drained so that the water does not penetrate the wood.

Bosch Sanders For DIY Enthusiasts :

Orbital Sanders : Quick and fine sanding on smooth surfaces. Smooth and remove lacquers. To achieve the best results in wood and metal.
Eccentric Sanders : Sand and polish wood, plastic, metal, putty or paint, on flat or concave surfaces. Perfect finish with great sanding performance thanks to the PEX principle
Sanders : Great sanding power to obtain smooth surfaces and easily peel off paint and varnish.Very manageable to get to all places.
Belt Sanders : Maximum sanding performance on wood, plastic or metal. For quick sanding of large surfaces.
Mini Belt Sanders : They have two fine sanding surfaces to ensure maximum power in edges, holes and places of difficult access. Compact and suitable for wood, plastic and metal.
Delta Sanders : For sanding in corners, edges, small holes or other places of difficult access. Perfect sanding with ease.
Floor Sanding

Bosch Sanders For Professionals :

Belt Sanders : The exact bearing of the belt is guaranteed by the optimal integrated adjustment of the guide rollers. For wooden, plastic or metal surfaces.
Delta Sanders : Perfect surface finish anywhere with little space. They can be used in corners, edges and other places with difficult access.
Eccentric Sanders : The best results on the most diverse surfaces such as wood, metal or plastic. They are used for sanding and polishing, even on concave surfaces.
Orbital Sanders : Excellent running stability and integrated aspiration for best results. Maximum surface quality.