What is the towing service and how does the insurance work?

Towing Service

One of the fundamental coverages in car insurance is a towing service. The reason? You never know when we will need to move our car or motorcycle if it does not start or we cannot drive it after an accident. Almost all companies offer this feature that will help us move our vehicle where we need it.

Towing service within travel assistance

What is the towing service and how does the insurance work? Towing Service

Thus, this towing service is usually included within the travel assistance coverage  and they offer us the possibility of calling the company so that it can send us the qualified personnel that the situation requires. In this way, and depending on what type of incident we have had, the insurer will send us assistance for passengers, technicians to repair the vehicle on-site or towing service to tow it.

The most common breakdowns that the personnel sent by the insurer usually repair are faulty lights, a dead battery or a puncture in a tire . It is also possible that the owner of the vehicle has lost the keys, and in this case the company will send a copy.

But if the mechanics can’t fix the problem, the vehicle will have to be towed to the nearest garage. In case the problem is caused by an insufficient fuel charge -or failing that by an error when refueling, the tow truck will take the car to a gas station. In this circumstance, if there has been a failure caused by using, for example, gasoline instead of diesel, the charges for cleaning and emptying the tank will not be covered by the entity.

The insurer will also send us a tow truck if our car has overturned or is in some type of terrain from which it cannot get out, for example, mud. This can happen if we drive through the countryside or other unsuitable roads. This rescue may also include assistance to people since if we have overturned it is likely that we will need medical attention to rule out further damage.

Almost all insurance companies offer towing service

In any case, passenger assistance is coverage that we must agree with our company since not all of them include it in their basic benefits. Some companies do provide this type of care in their comprehensive policies.

When can we order a crane?

What is the towing service and how does the insurance work? Towing Service

On the other hand, the company will make a crane available to us whenever we ask for it, even if we are not traveling . One of the most frequent cases is trying to start our car and not succeeding; something that can happen when it is parked in our garage or on the street. In these cases, and to make sure of the type of breakdown our vehicle has, we will have to contact our company to request a tow truck to tow it to the workshop. We will have to give our name to identify ourselves as insured:

  • Direction.
  • Vehicle registration number.
  • Brand and model.
  • Policyholder data
  • DNI.
  • Telephone contact.

In addition, it is likely that they will ask us if the vehicle is parked in a garage or on the road, so that the person who comes in the tow truck knows what situation they will find and the materials they will need for their trailer, in case do not get it repaired on the spot. In this case, once we have contacted the insurance company, we will receive a text message on our mobile phone detailing the estimated arrival time of the technical staff and the crane.

Towing service, is it paid separately?

What is the towing service and how does the insurance work? Towing Service

If we have the travel assistance coverage contracted from kilometer 0, notifying a tow truck will not entail an extra cost. But if we have more basic insurance, it is more than likely that we will have to pay an amount, which will vary depending on the company.

Another key point is from which kilometer we can receive personal assistance. Only provide it when the problem occurs at a distance of more than 25 kilometers from the home. This limitation is reduced to a radius of 15 kilometers. Very few companies cover assistance to both people and vehicles from kilometer 0. If we call a tow truck because we cannot move the vehicle from its usual garage, which is normally around the home of the insured, there are usually no extra costs in any insurer.

What if we have to leave the car in the workshop?

The biggest problem with having a claim or breakdown is that, as a general rule, we will have to leave the car in the workshop during the days that the repair lasts. But, if we are traveling, what do we do? In these cases, there are insurers that make a replacement vehicle available to us so that our journey is not interrupted more than necessary. This is one of the services that are most valued when we have to choose an insurance company. For companies, this coverage implies a very high cost so not all include it. 

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