How towing and transport a car on a trailer without breaking the regulations

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You have the need of Towing and Transport (platform), either because you have a car for the circuit because you have joined the fashion of the classics or simply because you have to make a punctual transport. You are going to buy a trailer or rent it but it is not easy, you have a thousand doubts.

And I am not surprised, because the subject is a real hieroglyph. The passion that has been unleashed in recent years for classic cars has made this type of transport multiply. The problem is that there are some who are illegal, and what could be a trip full of happiness for a new acquisition, turns into anger at receiving a fine and the fat.

Basic concepts

Let’s see how we can do and what we need to Towing and Transport to be able to tow a car legally; a car or anything else. The first thing is to review the basic concepts, which we will have to use frequently in this text. On the one hand, we have the Towing and Transport vehicle, on the other the trailer, which for these purposes is usually a central axis, with an inertia brake and a Maximum Authorized Mass (MMA) between 750 and 3,500 kg. The union of the towing vehicle and the trailer is called a vehicle set.

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One point to keep in mind is that not all Towing and Transport hooks are valid for any trailer, so it is necessary to see what weight the tow vehicle hook is approved for, let’s not be surprised.

Driving licenses and masses

This is where the mother of the lamb is, in the cabals that must be carried out with the different weights and with the license that we need to be able to carry out this transport legally. The normal thing is that we have in our possession the B driving license, but depending on the cases it may fall short and maybe we should extend it to the B-96 license or even the B + E permits. Do not despair, it is not always mandatory.

If you are going to Towing and Transport a racing car or a classic, the most normal thing is that it will be worth it with the B to dry because both weigh little (with exceptions). The racing ones because they are lightened and the classics because they had little equipment. Although of course, the racing car is also often carried along with spare wheels, tools, etc. and the weight rises. We have to count, we have no other.

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We started because the MMA of the trailer cannot exceed the Maximum Towable Mass (in this case with a brake), previously it could not exceed the TARE of the tractor (vehicle weight without load or occupants), but this point is no longer taken into account.

Now we go with the cards. With the B we can easily drive trailers with a GVW of less than 750 kg, but we have said that car lifts do not fall into that group. The next step is from 750 kg to 3,500 kg, but what this permit authorizes us is that the set of vehicles does not exceed 3,500 kg of MMA. That is, the MMA of the tractor + MMA of the trailer must be 3,500 kg at most.

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If we exceed 3,500 kg we can extend the B permit with some simple maneuvering and trailer coupling tests to obtain the B-96. This license allows us to raise the MMA of all vehicles up to 4,250 kg. And if this falls short, we have to get the B + E, with which we would go up to 7,000 kg.

The same all this is better understood if we outline it a bit, taking into account the MMA of the car that tows the trailer and of the trailer itself.

Change of pesos

Do not think that we are finished, there are options to avoid having to go through the driving school again, you can modify the MMA of the tractor and / or the trailer so that the accounts balance us. Imagine that you have a car with a tare weight of 300 kg (usually 300 to 400 kg) and a GVW of 1,400 kg. That car can transport a car of up to 1,100 kg, but the car that you are going to carry with you weighs 900 kg, you have 200 kg left over.

The Towing and Transport vehicle has an MMA of 2,200 kg, if you add the MMA of the car and the trailer, you get 3,600 kg. You need the B-96. Although since you are never going to carry a car in the car that exceeds 1,000 kg, you can go to an ITV and ask for the MMA of the trailer to be lowered to 1,300 kg. So the sum of the tractor and trailer MMA would be 3,500 kg, you could take it with your B permit and you would still have 100 kg of margin left over.

Practical tips for driving with a trailer

Several things to keep in mind when driving a trailer of this type. Empty … well, but when it is loaded we speak of a lot of weight and the behavior of the towing vehicle changes as from night to day. It is important to circulate with foresight, perform the maneuvers in advance and smoothly and also forget about running .

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Legally, we must adhere to other speed limits , 80 km / h of maximum speed on highways and highways, while on conventional roads it is reduced to 70 km / h. No rush, it’s better this way.

When raising and lowering the car, make sure that the trailer is correctly attached to the towing vehicle and that it is properly braked. The loading and unloading maneuver must be carried out slowly, with great caution and, if possible, with help. We brake the towed car and it holds firmly to the platform. Don’t skimp on the number of straps or their quality. Avoid that they rub against sharp parts, the movement will be continuous and the most harmless thing cuts the strap in a few kilometers.

Well, you have the correct license, the correct weights, the trailer loaded and the load well secured. You know the speed limits and you know that you have to avoid sudden maneuvers. Now you just have to enjoy the quiet trip.