Tips for buying a vineyard in the Bordeaux region

Tips for buying a vineyard in the Bordeaux region

Buying a vineyard in the Bordeaux region is a long-standing dream for you What if it was time to take the plunge? In a rapidly changing environment, new opportunities arise, particularly in terms of wines certified as High Environmental Value. Find some advice before you start acquiring a vineyard in the Bordeaux region this year.

Consumer expectations are changing, and there are times when you have to reinvent yourself in a changing economic environment that is not always in good shape. This is currently the case for a good number of Bordeaux wines. But against the tide of a certain gloomy mood, new initiatives are emerging, riding the wave of organic wine, or even crémant. Because the region of the largest AOC in France, known worldwide, and whose many areas have marked history, has more than one trick up its sleeve. This is why buying a vineyard in Bordeaux remains topical in 2020.

Properties fully equipped with winemaking equipment and vineyards are available on the market and are looking for buyers.

now before buying a vineyard


Many elements must be taken into account before investing in a vineyard in the Bordeaux region. For example, check their classification in and the respect of grape varieties. Knowing the health of the vineyard is also essential. The wine cellar must have compliant installations, both in terms of electrical installations and the treatment of effluents, for example. The equipment must comply with labor regulations. Stocks should be checked, etc. Call on a Transaction expert specialist in the transaction of properties, allows to be best advised to carry out a vineyard purchase project, and to establish a real estate and land diagnosis of a castle, a country house, or a house old with storage cellar. These properties, suitable for direct sale, also offer possibilities for bed and breakfast and wine tourism activities.

More and more farms certified High environmental value

The Bordeaux region is home to many historic appellations (classified growths, grand classified growths of the , Graves, …) which often give award-winning wines. Criticized for the intensive use of pesticides, many winegrowers took a new turn and turned to organic farming. With nearly 1,000 holdings and areas with high environmental value , the Fronde now represents more than a quarter of certified French vineyards, according to the Inter professional Council of Bordeaux Wine. And this in four environmental themes: protecting biodiversity, phytosanitary strategy, fertilization management and water management.

It was the rise of the Crates de Bordeaux

Within certified wines, there are Bordeaux . These sparkling and festive wines are becoming more and more successful at the national level and for export. They are part of the tracks to explore for those who would like to invest in a vineyard in the Bordeaux region.

For some time, after years of large financial operations, and a peak in 2013, Chinese investors have abandoned the region. The number of transactions was down sharply in 2019. The positive side may be that this leaves more room for French buyers.