The barrier is installed inside the dock area to increase the safety of the warehouse safety barrier.

warehouse safety barrier


warehouse safety barrier

  • serves as an excellent visual barrier;
  • prevents loader and pedestrians from falling when the dock is open;
  • helps significantly reduce the likelihood of accidents in stock.

The warehouse safety barrier is installed in front of the sectional doors over the entire width of the opening in special side guides.

The barrier glides easily and quickly along the rails, opening speed up to 1.2 m / s. If necessary, you can set any speed for opening and closing the barrier.

The barrier is easy to use and consumes less energy than an electric kettle.

warehouse safety barrier

Helps to preserve equipment and products.
When the gate is not yet closed and there is no truck in the opening, the serves as additional protection against accidental warehouse safety barrier loss of the truck when reversing. It withstands impacts with energy up to 2600 J. This is equal to the impact of a vehicle weighing 4 tons at a speed of 4 km / h. The barrier is securely attached to the floor with metal anchors.

Insures personnel from accidents.
A protective warehouse safety barrier ensures compliance with safety standards at the enterprise. Stop Strike reduces the risk of accidents due to lifting a fork or pallet lift, and also insures warehouse employees from accidental falls from an open dock.

Accelerates the work process.
Due to the protective warehouse safety barrier, warehouse employees can safely leave the doors open during the goods acceptance process and not waste time opening and closing the doors frequently.