Why are Bike Spares so expensive?

Why are Bike Spares so expensive

Maybe it’s the million dollar question, maybe it’s surprising the title of this article, but it’s a question that almost BIKE SPARES all fans have ever asked themselves, and we think it’s a good time to explain it.

The cost of any product depends above all on the technology used in its development, and in the case of bikes it is not necessary to look too far to see how they have evolved. In recent years we have gone through various types of wheels, and consequently, all the parts have had to be redesigned, the forks have been extended, the rims have been dimensioned, the steerer pipes and stem have been shortened, In short, the wheelbase , in short, has not been left a puppet with the head of the old 26-inch bicycles.


To match rigidity to 26 new standards have to be developed for thru axles, axle width and bottom bracket, length, spacing and diameter of the fork bars, and a long etcetera that does not need to be continued. Suffice it to know that the changes have involved a total remodeling of any parameter of the table and its subsequent calculations. This has been an enormous effort for the brands, being forced to change from the production lines to their priorities. The result has been a series of improvements that we can enjoy today, and that translate into greater rigidity, stability, safety and handling, to the point of, ingenuous of us making us believe that we ride better than before. It is a mirage, product of the countless technological improvements that have been implemented in recent years.

Currently, the engineering behind the wheels, forks, groups, brakes, seatposts, and above all frames, allow us to make the donkey like we have never dreamed of before. It is possible to make considerable jumps without the bike falling apart, we go much faster through technical areas with an abundance of loose stones, we go down trialeras to which we did not approach before; we entrust ourselves to that set of aluminum and carbon parts capable of making us stop the bike in a few meters with the same safety as other double-wheeled vehicles.

Why are Bike Spares so expensive? Bike Spares

How much would it cost us to buy the bike

It doesn’t matter if it rains, if there is mud, until it snows – on January 20 we met in Valdemanco a series of “hanged people” to participate in a test after having been snowing all night before, and the bikes held up as if they had been walking on a bike path in the warm Mediterranean -. If someone was told that this was possible a few years ago, they would have laughed, and yet we ended up with no mention problems: the shifts worked, the brakes braked, and the wheels spun as if nothing had happened. That is technology.

Now, if we compare what a bike cost twenty years ago, and what could be done with it, and transfer it to the present, we see that the expensive bike of then is a very basic bike of today, with which it begins, and that the price of now is lower; And if we go to higher quality models, it is no longer worth making comparisons, because now you can pedal with a rally bike with the same security as before with a downhill bike, and with a notable exception: today, that bike weighs half, and we are able to do triple kilometers with the same effort.

The factor of weight on a bike is decisive, it is from power to power, that is clear. Today there are 12.5 kg endurance bikes with which you can do long routes, in my case I did the Mazatlan with one of these bikes and I enjoyed it as a child.Today you can jump or fly over some rocky places that are scary to see, thanks to the innovation behind the paintings, and some very expensive materials; and the cost of these materials is due to three factors: to the cost of their engineering development, to the very expensive materials that combine lightness and resistance, and to the hours it takes to manufacture a carbon frame, about 8 hours are necessary for its elaboration. All of these factors make bikes expensive, or cheap?

Sometimes I think about the routes I used to do, being younger, stronger and with much better reflexes, and then, a smile comes to reinforce that feeling of gratitude I feel towards a sport or an activity – whatever qualifies it as you wish – it keeps giving me satisfaction.