Wine Design: 8 Simple Styles That Won’t Go Unnoticed

wine design

We can say that the graphic design on wine design labels, due to the importance of packaging for the sale of the product, is another process in the production of a broth. Betting on graphic design is an essential aspect of the branding and marketing strategy of wineries.

Wine Design Labels

Wine design labels on various bottles
Wine design is an integral part in marketing liquors and spirits.

At the same time, the graphic design company in charge of carrying out this work must know the wine in question, what the oenologist and the winery have wanted to transmit with him during the months of study and the work involved in its production power of wine labels is to intervene in some way in its image, as we said earlier in our post, the packaging, in this case, the label, takes on special importance in the purchase decision, more important if possible in the choice of wine because many consumers do not know the product they want to buy.

For many years now, an attempt has been made to break with old schemes regarding wine consumption entailed. Although the wine and the label will always depend on the market to which it is directed (a grand reserve wine is not the same as a young red), it is about bringing the world of wine closer to a less classic and younger consumer profile and one of the tools to achieve this is through the design of the label or the packaging design of the wine.

Wine Design: 8 Simple Styles That Won't Go Unnoticed wine design

Every time with more frequency, noble titles, shields, and castles, are replaced by the use of more current fonts, original names, colors, textures, shapes of the bottles, materials, or printing techniques to innovate, remember and stand out in the wide market of similar products. In addition to transmitting detailed technical information on the wine and the winery, which will vary according to the regulations of the different countries, the labels complement the personality of the wine and give the consumer a feeling of exclusivity and originality that favors the choice and that they make you identify with it.

1. Hold

Some colors and a material that is quite a departure from the classic wine design labels. It manages not to go unnoticed through the texture and color,  wine contest with this design. In this case, the label is a flexible and reusable silicone band, with two varieties of fluorescent color that differentiate the two types of typical wine (dry and sweet). The brand of the wine appears in relief and at the same time some dots that surround the bottle, also in relief, facilitate its grip.

2. Wines of the World

A simple, fun, and creative design that we love! The wine design studio specialized in packaging created the entire line of wines for the supermarket chain with a cork as the protagonist. As they explain, cork is a simple element, of little value, a sign of humility and used as a handicraft material, something that fits perfectly with the supermarket wine brand, which focuses on the sale of everyday products at an affordable price The result is a personalized cork for each region of the world that makes this series of fun and endearing labels something you want to continue discovering and even collecting.

3. Point after Point

The goal was to have a wine design label for a company that markets a natural protein concentrate for dog and cat food. The audience that was to receive this limited edition gift was pet food manufacturers attending an industry fair. The concept, bringing together all the positive points offered by commercialized protein to form a clear image of the dog or cat, thus connecting the pet and the wine. The wine bottle is complemented with a white pencil to connect the dots and feel part of this packaging.

4. Winery

Their goal was to create a striking, minimalist design that would fit in with the existing corporate identity of the Winery. The designer points out the following: “The bottle also becomes a part of enjoying wine. A personal experience is created when the consumer takes the bottle and turns it. ”Imagine walking past a supermarket shelf containing these bottles. Without having to look at them directly, we are sure that they will not go unnoticed thanks to their graphic design based on Op-Art.

5. Meteor Merlot

This Work Labs wine design idea mimics a star-filled night sky above the black bottle. Due to the printing process, the shape, position, and size of the stars vary, making each bottle unique. The design covers absolutely every corner of the bottle, making the stars flow throughout the space.

6. Wine

It is famous for being one of the most widely used typefaces in the world and a favorite of graphic wine design makers. Together with the wine store developed not only the packaging for this bottle, but they also worked on the wine it contains. This homage typeface has permission which has the rights to this popular font. Black, white, and a red nod to the Australian flag, where the author of this typeface was born. We particularly love it… but we have a special weakness for the design of the typeface.

7. Wine, or maybe not?

Wine Design: 8 Simple Styles That Won't Go Unnoticed wine design

Bottles of wine, or not. Inspired doubly, by two of the main characters. The color blocks clearly represent the characters dressed in their usual outfits. On the back wine design label, mysterious information tells us that the content has been kept secret since 1987.

8. 7 Sins

The Australian wine design studio managed to perfectly reflect the 7 deadly sins and dress with the 7 varieties of wine: anger, greed, lust, envy, pride, gluttony, and laziness. Each bottle manages to reflect the concept using different details, fonts, and printing techniques that will surely make more than one fall into temptation. This packaging design winner of first place. These are the wine design ideas perfect today.

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