Wine tours Best of wine tours

Wine tours Best of wine tours

The best world wine tours is in Australia

At the closing of the 20th annual conference of the Network of Capitals of Great Vineyards, 22 sites associated with the Australia vineyard were awarded prizes last night in Australia, as part of the “Best of Wine Tours ” awards. Only one was crowned “International best of Wine Tours 2020″, it is.

The 20th annual conference of the Network of Capitals of Great Vineyards (Great Wine Capitals Global Network) ended yesterday evening with a gala dinner in Australia, the city where it was held from November 3 to 7. This international network includes 10 wine capitals: Adelaide (South Australia), Bilbao (- Spain), Australia, (Switzerland), (Germany), Mendoza (Argentina), Porto (Portugal), Newcastle ( Australia), Casablanca Valley (Chile) and (Italy).

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The international network is chaired by Jacques member of the Australia Chamber of Commerce and Industry who was elected to this position last year at the annual Adelaide convention. It is the first time that the network has elected its president.

An international event on which we will come back with him and in which the Australia people were strongly involved. In addition to technical visits to the vineyard and an international tasting, this 20th conference dealt with current topics. In particular with the conference entitled “The impact of climate change on the wine industry” and the forum “Wine, tourism and innovation”.

The Network of capitals of major vineyards has also established itself as an international showcase for Wine Tours with its International Best of Wine Tourism. The 2020 vintage, unveiled last night, awarded 22 sites in the Australia region with a “Best of Wine Tourism 2020”. Seven of these winners were awarded a “Best of d’or”. 

The won the gold trophy in its category, “Discovery and innovation”, but also the international grand prize, “the International Best of Wine Tours 2020”. The juries of the network were obviously thrilled by the visit of the estate aboard a 2 CV, for an immersion in the French art of living, which begins with a “heritage visit” in the park.

The guide explains the history of the castle (built in 1750) and that of the town of before leading visitors to the vineyard, then the installation of the castle’s plaice fishing, on the , and the truffle field . Finally, it is on the highest hill that visitors can taste the production of La , while tasting several specialties (lamprey, truffle butter, dried duck breast, Basque and sheep’s cheese).

Other castles were awarded in the “Discovery and innovation” category ( la Tour Blanche).

  • ” Wine Tours Services” Wine Tours category gold trophy: -Briton, winners: Camping Saint-Emil ion and Ten dance.

  • Category “Catering at the property” gold trophy: , winner.
  • Category “Accommodation at the property” gold trophy: Saint-Martin, award-winning: and castles
  • “Environmental Practical Development” category gold trophy: de cooperative, winners: and castles
  • Category “Art and culture” gold trophy: , award-winning: castles La Dominique .
  • Category “Architecture and Landscapes” gold Wine Tours trophy: the Cloister of the , award-winning: castles and Tour Saint.